一.重点词汇 1. consist(可能考查方式:结合时态或 consist of ) 2. consistent (可能考查方式:用 consist 的正确形式填空) 3. convenience(可能考查方式:用 convenient 的正确形式填空) 4. collection(可能考查方式:用 collect 的正确形式填空) 5. enj

oyable(可能考查方式:用 enjoy 的正确形式填空) 6. description(可能考查方式:用 describe 的正确形式填空) 7. possibility(可能考查方式:用 possible 的正确形式填空) 【巩固练习】 The atmosphere ______________(consist) more than 70% of nitrogen. His action is always ______________(consist) with his words. On-line shopping is a ______________(convenient) for buyers who are too busy to shop. His ______________(collect) of ancient pottery is turning one hundred pieces. It was much more ______________(enjoy) than I had expected. The book gave a detailed ______________(describe) of the war. Is there any ______________(possible) that you'll be back by the weekend? 二.重点短语 1. consist of(注意时态,区分 make up / be made up of ) 2. divide …into(注意时态、被动语态) 3. break away (from) (注意时态,要求学生熟练掌握 break 的过去式、过去分词) 4. to one’s credit(注意 one’s 所对应的形容词性物主代词) 5. leave out(注意时态、被动语态,要求学生熟练掌握 leave 的过去式、过去分词) 6. take the place of(注意时态、被动语态,要求学生熟练掌握 take 的过去式、过去分词) 7. break down(注意时态,要求学生熟练掌握 break 的过去式、过去分词) 【巩固练习】 The UK _____________(consist) four parts: Scotland, England, Wales, Northern Ireland. England can be ______________(divide) three main areas. Do you what they are? However, the southern part of Ireland was unwilling and _____________(分离) to form it own government. _________________(值得赞扬的是) the four countries do work together in some areas. The question mark can’t be ______________(省略) in the sentence. Our car _____________(出故障) on our way to school yesterday. It would be difficult to find a man to _______________________(取代) the secretary.
Electric trains _______________________(取代) steam trains in England several decades ago.

三.语法: 过去分词作宾补:get/have/find + 宾语+ 过去分词 例句:I will have the dictionary delivered to your house. 练习: --Could I have a look at the photographs you took when you were in Europe? --Sorry, I haven’t had the film ___________(develop) yet. The computer doesn’t seem to work well. You’d better have it ___________(repair). Jill and Eric had all their money __________(steal) while they were on holiday.

一、 重点词汇 1 . impression n . →impress v . →impressive n adj. guidance 2.constant adj.→constantly adv. 4 . guide n . 指 导 ; 向 导 ; 导 游 3.previous adj. vt. 指 引 ; 指 导

5.surrounding n.周围的事物;环境 adj.周围的→surround vt.围绕 6.tolerate vt. →tolerance n. 7.lack n. “不足”。 通常用 “lack+of+名词”。 vi. (不及物动词),常用进行时 be lacking in n . 调 整 ; 调 节 →adjust vt. 调 整 ; 使 适 应 vt. lack sth

8 . adjustment

9 . press vi. & vt. 按 ; 压 ; n. 按 ; 压 ; 印 刷 ; 新 闻 →pressure n . 压 力 10 . fasten vt. 系 牢 ; 扎 牢 12 . optimistic adj. 乐 观 ( 主 义 13 . desert n . 沙 漠 15 . instant n . 瞬 间 ; 片 刻 16.greedy adj.贪吃的;贪婪的;贪心的 17.representative n.代表人物 adj.典型的,代表性的→represent v.代表 18.settlement n.定居;解决→settle v.→settler n.定居者 二、重点短语 1.take up 拿起;接受;开始;继续 (困境后)恢复;完全复原 4.sweep up 6.show...around... 打扫;横扫 带领某人参观 结果 向四面八方 2.be back on one’s feet 3.lose sight of 看不见 5.Slide 7.speed up into 溜进…… 加速 与……相似 11 . switch n . 开 关 ; 转 换 vt. 转 换 ) 的 →pessimistic( 反 义 词 ) 14 . typist n . 打 字 员 →typewriter n . 打 字 机 adj. 立 即 的 ; 立 刻 的 →instantly adv. 马 上

8.as a result 10.in all directions

9.be similar to...

三、重点句型的考点 1 . At first my new surroundings were difficult to tolerate. 2.However, I lost sight of Wang Ping when we reached what looked like a large market because of too many carriages flying by in all directions. 3.Exhausted,_I slid into bed and fell fast asleep. 4.Worried about the journey, I was unsettled for the first few days. 四、语法:过去分词 1)过去分词与现在分词作状语的区别 2)过去分词作时间状语 1.When it is heated, ice will be changed into water. →When heated, ice will be changed into water. 3)过去分词作原因状语 Since/ As she was given advice by the famous detective, the young lady was no longer afraid. →Given advice by the famous detective, the young lady was no longer afraid. 4)过去分词作条件或者假设状语 If they had been given more attention, the cabbages could have grown better. →Given more attention, the cabbages could have grown better. Summary: 1) 过去分词在句子中可以作时间状语、原因状语、伴随状语、条件状语和让步状语等。 2) 过去分词作状语时,过去分词的逻辑主语与句子主语一致。 过去分词有两大特点: 1. 表示被动的动作; 2. 表示已经完成的动作, 因此, 当过去分词作状语的时候一定要搞清楚分词与主语的逻辑关


一.重点单词和短语 delighted concentrate on 考题 1. The workers went on the streets and improved. 2. Mother has a gift 3. We have earned the 4. He is an 5. The little girl is so



accuse of gitfed

so as to accurate

approve 批准 appointment

inform depend on



(demand) that the working conditions should be

making people feel at home. (approve) from the government to build a new science lab. (delight) to see her old friend.

(assist) to the manager in the company.

6. With the noise going on, I can't concentrate 7. We keep working hard permission.

my study. (为了实现) our dreams.

8. John, a naughty boy, __________ (punish) because he went swimming yesterday without 9. You should phone his secretary if you want to make an ___________ (appoint) 10. We (inform) last night that the meeting would be held in the Exhibition Center. 二.重点句型和语法 本单元主要考查倒装句。注意以哪些单词或短语开头句子要倒装。 1. Never will Zhou Yang forget his first assignment at the office of a popular English newspaper. 2. Only if you ask many different questions will you acquire all the information you need to know. 3. Here comes my list of dos and don'ts. 4. Have you ever had a case where someone accused your journalists of getting the wrong end of the stick. 考题 1. Hardly had I got to school -did I. I know what had happened. it began to rain. 2. -- Mary had a wonderful time at the party. 3. Only after he told me the news

4. He turned up late and he forgot his books. Not only_______________________________________________________________. 5. I didn’t find I had lost my wallet until I reached home. (改写成倒装句) 6. The film not only attracted the students, but also the teachers are interested in it.(改为倒装句) Not only_______________________________________________________________. 7. He never talked to the strangers in the dark coner.(改为倒装句) 8. 他刚到电影院,电影就开始了。 (no sooner…than…翻译)



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