作业名称:2013 年春季大学英语预备网上作业 2 出卷人:SA 作业总分:100 通过分数:60 起止时间:2013-4-12 22:39:32 至 2013-4-12 23:02:20 学员姓名:zhangzhenqi 学员成绩:85 标准题总分:100 标准题得分:85 详细信息: 题号:1 题型:单选题(请在以下几个选项中选择唯一正确答案)本题分数:5 内容: ______ by appearance, she is not so much of a beauty. A、Judged B、Judging C、Being judged D、To judge

标准答案:B 学员答案:B 本题得分:5 题号:2 题型:单选题(请在以下几个选项中选择唯一正确答案)本题分数:5 内容: Students are required to comply ______ the regulations. A、in B、since C、with D、From

标准答案:C 学员答案:C 本题得分:5 题号:3 题型:单选题(请在以下几个选项中选择唯一正确答案)本题分数:5 内容: I meant to reason ____ him, but he won’t listen. A、with B、for

C、at D、after

标准答案:A 学员答案:A 本题得分:5 题号:4 题型:单选题(请在以下几个选项中选择唯一正确答案)本题分数:5 内容: They are considering ______ before the prices go up. A、of buying the house B、with buying the house C、buying the house D、to buy the house

标准答案:C 学员答案:D 本题得分:0 题号:5 题型:单选题(请在以下几个选项中选择唯一正确答案)本题分数:5 内容: Congratulations ______ your success in the competition! A、for B、on C、to D、in

标准答案:B 学员答案:C 本题得分:0 题号:6 题型:单选题(请在以下几个选项中选择唯一正确答案)本题分数:5 内容: I remember ______ his money three weeks ago. A、returning

B、to return C、having returned D、returned

标准答案:A 学员答案:A 本题得分:5 题号:7 题型:单选题(请在以下几个选项中选择唯一正确答案)本题分数:5 内容: They walked downstairs with the job ______. A、complete B、completing C、completed D、to complete

标准答案:C 学员答案:C 本题得分:5 题号:8 题型:单选题(请在以下几个选项中选择唯一正确答案)本题分数:5 内容: Don’t be too strict ______ him. After all he is still a child. A、with B、to C、for D、around

标准答案:A 学员答案:A 本题得分:5 题号:9 题型:单选题(请在以下几个选项中选择唯一正确答案)本题分数:5 内容: Their first impression _______ the girl was not good.

A、with B、by C、on D、onto

标准答案:C 学员答案:C 本题得分:5 题号:10 题型:单选题(请在以下几个选项中选择唯一正确答案)本题分数:5 内容: He has to realize that his failure lies _____ his laziness. A、about B、past C、to D、in

标准答案:D 学员答案:D 本题得分:5 题号:11 题型:单选题(请在以下几个选项中选择唯一正确答案)本题分数:5 内容: When he caught sight of the scene, he was overcome ____ despair. A、from B、with C、out D、for

标准答案:B 学员答案:B 本题得分:5 题号:12 题型:单选题(请在以下几个选项中选择唯一正确答案)本题分数:5

内容: With all the clothes she needed ______, Mary left the supermarket for home. A、to be bought B、bought C、buying D、to have bought

标准答案:C 学员答案:A 本题得分:0 题号:13 题型:单选题(请在以下几个选项中选择唯一正确答案)本题分数:5 内容: ______, he had an accident on the icy road. A、Although driving carefully B、Even though drove carefully C、Though driven carefully D、Although to drive carefully

标准答案:A 学员答案:A 本题得分:5 题号:14 题型:单选题(请在以下几个选项中选择唯一正确答案)本题分数:5 内容: ______, the price would be reasonable. A、All things are considered B、For all things to consider C、All things considered D、If all things considered

标准答案:C 学员答案:C 本题得分:5

题号:15 题型:单选题(请在以下几个选项中选择唯一正确答案)本题分数:5 内容: The school library is well-equipped with protections ____ fire. A、against B、about C、at D、for

标准答案:A 学员答案:A 本题得分:5 题号:16 题型:单选题(请在以下几个选项中选择唯一正确答案)本题分数:5 内容: It was funny that when ______ Mary began to weep sadly. A、praised B、praising C、being praised D、having praised

标准答案:A 学员答案:A 本题得分:5 题号:17 题型:单选题(请在以下几个选项中选择唯一正确答案)本题分数:5 内容: It is no use ______ that you didn’t know the truth. A、pretend B、to be pretending C、pretending D、pretended

标准答案:C 学员答案:C

本题得分:5 题号:18 题型:单选题(请在以下几个选项中选择唯一正确答案)本题分数:5 内容: This kind of new medicine acts well ____ the lung. A、on B、to C、against D、in

标准答案:A 学员答案:A 本题得分:5 题号:19 题型:单选题(请在以下几个选项中选择唯一正确答案)本题分数:5 内容: Soon after an event takes place, newspapers are on the streets ______ details. A、to give B、giving C、given D、gives

标准答案:B 学员答案:B 本题得分:5 题号:20 题型:单选题(请在以下几个选项中选择唯一正确答案)本题分数:5 内容: All flights ______ because of the terrible weather, they had to go there by train. A、having been canceled B、having canceled C、had been canceled D、were canceled

标准答案:A 学员答案:A 本题得分:5



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